This Week’s Stupid Clickbait #HotTake

Did the Oakland Raiders let Derek Carr get pounded on Sunday because he didn’t kneel for the national anthem?

derek carr
photo from USA Today

That’s the rumor supposedly put out by the Armstrong and Getty radio program, out of California.  It seems most of the team knelt for the National Anthem.  Franchise QB Derek Carr did not — according to this report, he chose to stand and pray instead — and for his sins, the O-line let him get sacked, the center kept snapping the ball at the wrong time, and receivers kept dropping passes.

That’s right — an entire professional offense, with the livelihood of every player dependent on winning football games, ganged up on their most important player.  The player who, had he not snapped his leg two games before, would surely have led the Raiders past the woeful Brock Osweiler-led Texans and into the AFC Divisional round against the Patriots last year (and, given how the Osweiler-led Texans did, would almost certainly have beaten them).  The player who made the Raiders relevant for the first time since the turn of the century, and who gives them their best chance of winning a Super Bowl since Jon Gruden ran the show.  That guy.

C’mon, y’all.  You know this is #FakeNews, right?

Sports “journalism” practically invented fake news, for the simple reason that you don’t really need sports “reporters” at all.  You watched the game, I watched the game, we saw the same things.  There’s lots of good, deep analysis of football going on out there, but it’s guys like Bill Barnwell doing it.  The beat writers who “cover” individual teams are glorified stenographers, retweeting team press releases, and the guys on the shout-shows are just that: Mooks who get paid to shout deliberately extreme “opinions” in order to get slammed on social media.

“Racism racism racism, by racistly racist racists.” –every Stephen A. Smith #HotTake ever.

It’s all just clickbait.

Which is likelier: That the Raiders deliberately threw their star QB to the wolves, or that they just had a bad game against a decent defense with a shutdown corner?  Note also that Marshawn Lynch, who’s been sitting for the anthem since the preseason, also had a crappy game (18 yards on 6 carries, 1 catch for 8 yards).  Does it make sense that Lynch’s fellow anthem-kneelers would let him get pasted, too?

Kneeling for the National Anthem is an emotional topic, but whatever your feelings on it, you shouldn’t let it scramble your logic.  The Raiders had a bad game.  That’s football; it happens.  Use your heads; you be the judge:

This is purportedly a recording. discussion thread.



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