Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Leave it to the radio “Home of Your Houston Texans” to shift the narrative surrounding Deshaun Watson’s arrival from “Our front office finally got us a quarterback!” to “If our front office didn’t suck, we’d have had our quarterback a lot sooner!”

Host Matt Hammond — whose analysis on his Periscope show we rather enjoy — reported that, according to an anonymous source, head coach Bill O’Brien wanted to name Deshaun Watson as his starting quarterback after the first preseason game, “but was talked out of it by general manager Rick Smith.”

Let’s look past the obvious (potential) flaws with this report: the fact that the information came from an anonymous source; the fact that the source appears to contradict himself by later stating that the “decision to stick with Savage was collaborative”; and the fact that at least one other source is claiming that the information from Hammond’s source “has no merit at all.”

The real question here is: Who cares?

Let’s assume that Hammond’s source is correct; that Smith really was responsible for the decision to start Tom Savage instead of Watson. This would suggest that Rick Smith doesn’t really know when or if a quarterback is ready to start in the National Football League.

As if we weren’t already painfully aware of that fact.


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