J.J., You Need to Retire

J.J., man, we love you.  You’re the greatest player in franchise history, and an all-around great guy.  You’re a Houston legend, and you always will be.  It’ll be my saddest day as a Texans fan when you hang ’em up.

But… you need to hang ’em up.

Two back surgeries, a leg surgery, all before you’re thirty years old.  You want to be able to walk when you’re forty.  You’ve known all along this day would come.  Have it come on your terms, when you’ve still got most of your health.

Stay with the Texans as a coach.  Go into acting full-time.  Become a TV analyst.  Be a hermit in your cabin in the woods.  Whatever.  Just don’t kill yourself for a game, however much you love it, and however much we love watching you play it.

You only get one trip around the sun.  You’ll want a family some day.  You’ll want to play with your kids.  Make sure you can do it.

We love you, buddy, but it’s time to say goodbye.

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