What is Deep Steel Blues?

This past week in the city of Houston is the very definition of Deep Steel Blues. It’s why this blog was created. It is, simply put, the very essence of Houston sports fandom.

Deep Steel Blues is 55+ years of frustration finally coming to an end with a World Series victory in Game 7 and learning — less than 24 hours later — that the city’s franchise quarterback blew out his knee. During a non-contact drill. In practice.

Deep Steel Blues is losing your two best pass rushers (J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus) for the entire season on the same drive in Week 5.

Deep Steel Blues is a three year revolving door at quarterback that saw Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates, Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, and Tom Savage under center. As starters.

Deep Steel Blues is starting a season 11-1 and deciding it would be a good idea to buy letterman jackets.

Deep Steel Blues is watching Matt Schaub throw a pick-six against Tennessee in Week 2. Then another one against Baltimore in Week 3. Then another one against Seattle in Week 4. And then a-FREAKING-nother one against San Francisco in Week 5.

Deep Steel Blues is taking a sort of twisted comfort in the fact that Schaub’s injury in Week 6 will end his pick-six-a-thon, only to have T.J. Yates enter the game and promptly throw a pick-six himself.

Deep Steel Blues is earning the number one overall pick in the NFL draft on three different occasions when the best quarterbacks available (arguably) are David Carr, Vince Young, and Blake Bortles.

Deep Steel Blues is enduring an offensive line that surrendered 76 sacks in one season.

Lifelong Houston fans know that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. It goes back further than that.

Much further.

Deep Steel Blues is Bud Adams.

Deep Steel Blues is Joe Montana. Kansas City Chiefs Joe Montana.

Deep Steel Blues is the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach any time you hear the name Frank Reich.

Deep Steel Blues is the Oilers’ defensive coordinator punching the offensive coordinator in the face. During a game.

Deep Steel Blues is the absence of an instant replay rule in Pittsburgh in 1979.

And it’s not just football.

Deep Steel Blues is having the Houston Rockets’ capturing the city’s first major championship in 1994 offset by the Astros being robbed of a potential World Series run due to a work stoppage and the first cancellation of the fall classic in 90 years.

Deep Steel Blues is having to listen to those outside of Houston refer to the Rockets’ back-to-back championships as “tarnished” because Michael Jordan decided he wanted to play baseball.

Deep Steel Blues is Texas native and Rice graduate Lance Berkman winning a World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Deep Steel Blues is Earl Campbell in a New Orleans Saints uniform. Hakeem Olajuwon in a Toronto Raptors jersey.

Deep Steel Blues is 16 innings against the Mets in 1986; 10 innings against the Phillies in 1980.

Deep Steel Blues is J.R. Richard.

Deep Steel Blues is Jeff Alm.

But despite all of that, more than anything else, Deep Steel Blues is the inability of Houston fans to turn away from our hometown teams no matter how bad things get. No matter how many injuries, no matter how many close calls, no matter how many blown draft picks, no matter how much heartache: Deep Steel Blues is what being a Houston fan is all about.

It’s picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and saddling up for another ride with the hometown boys in the hopes that one day, our having endured those decades of Deep Steel Blues will be rewarded. Hell, we might even get to a point where it doesn’t resemble the “Blues” at all.

I wonder what we’ll do with ourselves then…..

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